Friday I took my old Bimmer for a 40 minutes morning drive. I took Ga Hwy. 92 west; it is a four lane road with a big dirt divider at the center. (Writing a blog post while watching Kill Bill, Vol. 2 is difficult.  Note to self: Delay writing while watching a movie.) I am amazed at the distraction level of so many drivers. I think that what I see is a lack of awareness with their surroundings. While I was driving (left lane), another driver jerk her steering wheel and injected herself in front of my vehicle, and just when she arrived, seriously, a microsecond later, she look around and realized there was a foot between her rear bumper and my e46 (my car). Then she articulated from her driver seat-“Sorry, sorry, sorry” and I could tell she was in distress because of her actions. Driving is a complex task, it requires multisensory input and parallel processing. Situational awareness is key for success.  I do not drive every day, but when I do I am aware of my surroundings. Are you?