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Appreciative Inquiry Part 1

Today I am participating with the Leadership Team on our annual retreat to learn about this topic.  We are very hopeful for it and expect it to help us as we continue our Leadership Development. I was not surprised by the Decision Style Profile Report about my approach to decision-making process. An excerpt reads: You used the Teaming decision style on three cases. This indicates a slight preference for this style.” My second most used style is Collaborating decision, but both styles do not render well for certain types of decision-making needs. I am glad we are going over this, because as managers we can borrow from any of these 5 styles for our decision-making arsenal. More tomorrow on Part 2. 


I was just reading an article about 140 student languages spoken in suburban Georgia school district.  

I cannot be more than surprized at that statistic. It seems amazing that there is such a diversity in Dekalb county, Ga. Can you imagine the amount of help needed when these kids struggle thru homework trying to get their parents to help. Ay, ay, ay, what a dilemma! This is a great opportunity for ministry. Imagine ministries around offering to help these families with school tutoring or ESL schools for the kids parents. That is like putting a shovel in a gold mine. I hope that churches in the area a tune into this kind of need. 

We are at a full blown state of influenza in the State of Georgia. There is no way you could go to work or linger in public places without noticing that influenza like ilnesses are obvious. People are coughing everywhere.  Unfortunately if you were not vaccinated,  your only defence is to have you and people near you to cover your mouth when coughing and wash your hands constantly.  As far as I am concerned, this is going to linger arround for a long time and we are just going to suffer thru it. Stay safe my friend.

Friday I took my old Bimmer for a 40 minutes morning drive. I took Ga Hwy. 92 west; it is a four lane road with a big dirt divider at the center. (Writing a blog post while watching Kill Bill, Vol. 2 is difficult.  Note to self: Delay writing while watching a movie.) I am amazed at the distraction level of so many drivers. I think that what I see is a lack of awareness with their surroundings. While I was driving (left lane), another driver jerk her steering wheel and injected herself in front of my vehicle, and just when she arrived, seriously, a microsecond later, she look around and realized there was a foot between her rear bumper and my e46 (my car). Then she articulated from her driver seat-“Sorry, sorry, sorry” and I could tell she was in distress because of her actions. Driving is a complex task, it requires multisensory input and parallel processing. Situational awareness is key for success.  I do not drive every day, but when I do I am aware of my surroundings. Are you?

Pedal day

Most people get home to a kid or a pet waiting for them to get them out to do something. I loved to have a dog to play when I got home (to my parents house) before I got married. The wife and I are almost  empty nesters now and there is no dog waiting for is. But there is this bicycle that “yels” at me “lazy” come and pedal me. So today was a Pearl Izumi  clothing Pefal Day-30 mins of fun. Not. The reality is that the best trainer day cannot beat the worst day on the trail.

Nuclear Options

I was just reading an article (Nuclear Options: How to build a nuclear-power plant) in The Economist, January 28th, 2017 edition. I am encouraged by the Small Modular Reactor (SMR) alternatives, to be added into the mix. Can their construction be on schedule? If you look at the graph for large scale reactors is not too promising. Hopefully this new SMR can be a change in the paradigm. 

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